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Yay, we offer wholesale! Buyers can purchase our tees here.

What is Tundra? It's a wholesale site for buyers just like you. You'll have security of buying from trusted businesses, can insure your purchases and even apply for NET60. Ships now, and you can pay later.


  • Our minimum purchase is $130, designs are sold in packs. 
  • Lead time 7-14 business day. 
  • High quality fabrics: Bella Canvas Brand, Alternative, Comfort Color.
  • Designed and Printed in Conroe, TX. Designs are protected.
  • Competitive pricing and FREE SHIPPING with Tundra.
  • You may use our pictures. 
  • We do not zip code protect. 
  • We do design custom jobs, email us for more info.

Easy as that y'all!

If you have more questions, or need to order a open pack please submit your info below.