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Size Charts


Measuring Tips:

We lay all of our clothing flat when we take measurements, you can find size charts and measurements under each product. 

  • Chest: measure the largest part of your bust when comparing the measurements.
  • Waist/pant size: You can find your natural waist by bending slightly to the side, and marking where your torso bends.
  • You can also find your favorite jeans and measure the waist of the pants. Measure from the front button to the middle of the back. Multiply that number by 2. 
  • Waist is the measurement of the top of the pants, all the way around.
  • Inseam is from the highest point of the inner leg seam to the hemline.
  • Tees: most of our shirts are unisex. They just just like a regular t-shirt. They are not a women's tailored cut. Below are helpful t-shirt sizing tips.

Helpful T-shirt Tips:

First time buyer?!
Our tees are super soft and have a nice, relaxed fit. The sleeves are a little longer and you can always roll them if you’d like.
We RECOMMEND choosing your true size. They are UNISEX tees,
so they fit like a good ol’ t-shirt . They will run a little larger than a women’s style/size.
If you think you’re IN BETWEEN sizes, heres what we recommend!

  • Are you taller than 5'8? Go up a size, to help with length. (see model specs below)
  • Are you blessed in the bra? Go up a size, unless you want it more fitted.
  • If you do not like baggy/loose styles, go down a size for a more form fitted look.
  • Are you a little thicker in the waist? You can go up a size and knot the shirt. If you’re shorter, it may run a little longer. This is nice if you want to wear it with leggings.