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Welcome to TST! I've always struggled with this whole "about us" section, mainly because I  don't want to bore you to death, so i'll keep it short(ish) and sweet. 

I  began TST in 2013 with no plan and no idea what I was doing. Haha, how embarrassing? My goal was to work a schedule I liked (escape Houston traffic) and just create pretty things. When people actually started buying my designs and not just wanting a custom job I knew I had something good goin' on. Three things I learned from my previous job is to BE NICE, give amazing customer service, and enjoy life. 
My business has taught me so much through the years. I learned exactly what I wanted and what I DIDN'T want. 
My husband and I live in a tiny house on 40 acres outside of Houston with our growing farm. We call it our little slice of heaven. 
I'm here to welcome you to my business and my life. Every time I  receive an order notification on my phone I  say "thank ya Jesus". When you place an order, you'll receive a hand written note, and a really awesome start to your t-shirt collection. 

<3 Ashlee