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Road Trip (Baby Edition)

Written by Ashlee Fennell


Posted on March 16 2021

“It’ll be fun she said!” 

Road tripping with a baby is exciting and terrifying at the same time. I know some would never take the chance, but my crazy self did (three times so far) so i’m here to help any other moms who dream of road tripping with their children (don’t be scared, okay maybe a little) . 🤪

Plans a week(s) in advance. We all know mom brain is real, so take the pressure of yourself and work on that packing list for at least a week. The most important thing is to make YOURSELF comfortable. Listen mama, if you get carsick, headaches, thirsty, hangry .... pack a car bag for yourself. The best mom you can be is taking care of yourself first. Make this fun!

How I pack: I like to think about our daily routine, each step I take to get through my day and the item I  use, then that’s the order I pack it.

How to prep for the trip: Have double of everything (diapers, cream, wipes, teething gel, lotions, oils, formula, bottles etc ) one set for the car, one set in their little (not so little) suitcase.

Grab your sound machine and 2 blankets - I used one to throw over her car seat during nap time so it was extra dark.  Shop Rohm Sound Machine here! 

Speaker hack: Don’t have a portable sound machine? Go to your car sound settings, adjust the sound to come out of the back speakers only and play a white noise app or find something similar on Spotify. You’re welcome.

Food: I fed most of her bottles to her on the road. And we would stop when it was time for baby food. Use this bottle to help with angles and titling so they comfortably get every last drop. Shop Avent Bottles here! 

I kept all her food and formula in a backpack that was easy to each. Make sure you pack all the feeding tools you need. For cleaning items I used wipes and washed them wherever we landed that night.

Changing diapers: I never took her inside to change her (except Bucees of course). It was honestly easier and roomy enough to change her in our vehicle. Plus she loved having some moments outside while we stretched. This changing pad is fantastic! Shop Changing Pad here! 

Set up extra for entertainment. If you’re hard headed like me, we made the entire 3 day trip with no iPad. Yes I lost my mind, but that’s okay. 🤪 FYI- I’m not against iPads, just not ready at this age.  So how the heck did we manage? I tilted her mirror so she could see herself, set up a light up toy aquarium attached to the seat, and a empty water bottle (Yeap that’s her favorite toy out of all these fancy light up things). Shop Aquarium here! (bonus this aquarium has white noise)

Hotel sleeping : if you’re staying in hotels you can check ahead of time to see if they have a pac-n-play available. We were able to pack our own. So you definitely need that and the Slumberpod (best invention ever). It’s a pretty penny but it creates a completely dark environment for them to sleep comfortably and you don’t have to tip toe keeping the lights and sound off. I promise you won’t regret it. Shop Slumberpod here! 

Do not pack a overnight bag for your little stinker, because with a baby it’s impossible. There’s way to much stuff. Just haul the entire suitcase from stay to stay.

What we regretted packing : too many toys, her big ole bouncer.

What I didn’t pack (and made it just fine) : her baby tub. I used a towel at the bottom of the big tub for her to sit on. This made it comfortable for her and non slip.

Our next trip will be Florida in April! If you have any extra tips, let a mama know. I hope this was so helpful and remember it’s all about memories and fun mama!