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Hormones Can Be A Prickly Subject

Written by Ashlee Fennell


Posted on January 26 2021

Hormones can be so crazy. And one thing I’ve realized is how much they really do affect your body. Second blog of 2021 and I’m already diving in deep! 😆 

I experienced so many ups, downs, 1 panic attack, night sweats, anxiety, depression, numbness, insomnia, and then wanting to sleep all the time. It was a constant roller coaster and I’m still dealing with the side effects  of postpartum. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through while showing up to be a mom, wife and business owner.

The most important thing to know is that everyone’s body is different and you may want to heal it differently. The best thing to do first is to speak to your doctor. Ya, I know you hate going to the doctor but hormones are NO JOKE. It’s so important to do this for yourself and get answers.

I have two podcast that YOU really need to listen to and I personally learned so much from.

Yea it’s a thing and it’s so crazy. I weened Zoe at 5 months because I was unable to keep up with her demand. I also realized how much pumping was stressing me out. It was such a relief to let it go. I weened her for 2 weeks and about a month later is when the depression started setting in. I didn’t know what it was really until December, a month later. When I felt “nothing” followed by a panic attack, I knew I needed to see my obgyn. 

Angela shares her struggle of post weening depression and her symptoms. It was very relieving to know I wasn’t crazy and I wasn’t the only one experiencing this.

I love me some Kacia! She’s so positive and it’s like having your own personal cheerleader. She recently interviewed Alisa Vitti, a nutritional and hormone expert. She created the app MyFlo, which is the top paid period app. I personally have it and I’m learning so much about my body. It’s easy to track how you’re feeling each week and even helpful to what you should eat and when to rest or what type of workout you should be doing. Alisa explains the 4 different parts of our cycle. Ya you thought it was just your period and the rest of whatever else happens?! SAME GIRL, same!

Seriously PLEASE give that podcast a listen, I learned so so much. Whatever you’re going through, it’s worth a listen for EVERY woman, no matter the age.

The last 2 weeks I’ve finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel and slowly escaping my anxiety and depression. I’m loving motherhood again and feeling more myself. There were days I was just trying to survive, just trying to show up for Zoe. Along with a lot of prayer, and being open to my girlfriends, I changed my lifestyle a lot. We go outside a lot and walk, my diet is better with lots of water, less caffeine, more greens and salads. I’m ritually using my Young Living essentials oils like Valor, Stress Away and recently started using Progressence.  I’ve seen a huge difference since using that. Okay here comes the “mom guilt” I take time for myself. Yes girl, get over mom guilt and do something for yourself. Sit quietly outside with a glass of wine, take a hot bath, go on a hard run alone ( sometimes running it out helps). I’m also taking CBD oil orally twice a day to help with anxiety. I’ve seen improvement, but I didn’t see it take care of sadness. I also try to go to acupuncture when I can. Just be sure if you’re going to approach this without the help of antidepressants, you come at from every side , supplements, oils, exercise, diet, spiritually and self care.

Lately: I’ve been waking up at 1am on the dot! I cannot go back to sleep and this started when I had my first day of my period. With the MyFLO app I learned what was causing me to wake up, along with how to fix it!


* I am not a doctor or health care professional. All the info above is from my personal experience and choices. It’s always best to see your doctor and do your own research before trying anything that may affect your health *