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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Written by Ashlee Fennell


Posted on November 25 2020

Successful BF shopping (tips from a retailer)

I did a lot of my Christmas shopping last year online and I felt super overwhelmed at times. I usually enjoy shopping in person because I love the atmosphere but with a baby, this year will be spent shopping from home.

I wanted to share some easy tips I’m using for successful shopping online.

  1. Tools : grab your laptop or iPad. Shopping on a bigger screen can be much easier to see any policies or details you don’t want to miss.
  2. Plan: As you create your shopping list, look at small shops that might have what you’re shopping for. Shop small if you can.
  3. Sign up for newsletters: find out all the deals and steals you can get. You might even save on shipping with a free shipping coupon.
  4. Have your debit/credit cards ready and double check your budgets. You don’t want a order to decline. 🤭
  5. List: create a list of who and what you’re shopping for. Categorize them together so you can shop the most from one place. Most stores offer free shipping when you spend $75-$100 +.
  6. Save browsing for last. To ensure you get exactly what you need, shop for those friends/family first. Take the pressure off of shopping. :)
  7. Cozy spot: grab your pjs, hot cocoa and maybe sit at your kitchen table or bar. You can shop comfortably with your list and easily view your entire Christmas shopping plan.
  8. Turn UP the Christmas music or favorite holiday movie. Gotta get in the spirit.



BONUS tips!

  1. Check for gift wrapping: you might be able to get your gifts wrapped already. This is usually an option at checkout with select stores.
  2. Double check your shipping address before checking out. You’d be surprised how often this happens. 🥴
  3. Check your email everyday for tracking. Many packages can be delayed, lost or even stolen. Porch pirates are out this year. I have personally had items stolen from our gate this month. 
  4. Review return policies. If the policies are strict, you might want to shop somewhere else.
  5. Share what stores you’re shopping with on social media. This will help small shops grow and we love to see your support.