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A new chapter is coming...

Written by Ashlee Fennell


Posted on September 16 2021

“God is always preparing you for what he has already prepared for you. The point of the journey is who you will become on the way, not just the destination where you will arrive. “

🤲🏼With a full and peaceful heart I’m closing my shop at the end of this year. Maybe taking a break? Honestly I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is right now.... it’s time.
In 2020 not only did my business thrive but I also became a mama to my first baby. I honestly never thought I would be posting this but I’m in a season I’ve been fighting for a looooong, long time. It’s time for me to be more present for Zoe and Zack. I see Zoe growing so fast every day and I want to be with her for every second of it.

To my customers ❤️ everyone single one of you counted. Maybe you purchased from me once or maybe you purchased every design but seriously everyone made a difference in my business. Thousands and thousands of packages shipped under my roof by our hands and too many shows to count, they were all my favorite. The last 8 years have brought me so much joy, and growth as a business owner, friend, daughter, wife , and a mother . It’s every bit of my goal to reach people and make a happier life for them, but right now all of that energy has to go into raising my sweet Zozo. I made so many friendships from my customers and I’m so grateful for that.

🛒 What’s next? It’s always been my plan to finish out the most wonderful time of the year 🎄. New designs and products are still rolling out. 🔜🔜🔜 We have shows booked and I will post those dates and locations next week. Final shopping days will be the first week of December.

🙌🏽I know there is more for me in the future. I have so many big, beautiful ideas of serving others but I know that is a journey. It’s not time, but it’s forming into something and I cant wait to see that unfold. In the mean time God is growing me to be prepared for that adventure. I’m so thankful for the peace I finally have about being a full time mom, and wife.

Cheers to the next chapter. ✌🏽