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Tips On Cleaning House

Written by Ashlee Fennell


Posted on January 18 2021

Hey galssss! I’m dropping in to help a sista out in organizing and cleaning for the new year. No doubt we are spending more time in our homes and they may be more cluttered than ever before. It’s time to love your space and make it functional. Here are two different ways you can start cleaning and throwing out all the STUFF! 

  1. One day at a time with small task by Simplified
  2. Larger projects one weekend at a time ( A Beautiful Mess , “ So fresh and so clean” - #38)

A new year or spring cleaning can bring an itch to purge, or redo your home spaces. The Christmas season can bring clutter, new items or unwanted gifts. Yeah, I said it! Don’t feel bad, you can get rid of the old and bring in the new. On a positive note there are plenty of families in need and you’d be surprised how many people would want your “old crap”.


I LOVE podcast and listen to (way too many)  every week. I fell in love with A Beautiful Mess by Emma and Elsie. They chat about how they approach larger projects just a weekend at a time, organizing tips and great suggestions on how to get rid of allllll the stuff.

What’s in this podcast:

  • How to store kids artwork
  • Clothing swap parties with your friends
  • Donation options I never knew about
  • The perfect sound machine
  • The Home Edit and more book suggestions

Donation/ selling options:

Click below to listen! 

Episode #38: So Fresh + So Clean (Decluttering + Organizing) - A Beautiful Mess

Another way to start fresh in your home is a 30 day challenge. Emily Ley with Simplified not only designs adorable planners but she also curates a bundle of task for you to tackle every day. Most are super simple, and some I would have never thought to do. You definitely will not regret her Simplicity Challenge.

You can view her challenge here :

After giving the house a deep clean, I love adding fresh flowers to the kitchen. I know, I know they die BUT tell me they won’t make you smile. Good luck and go make your home fresh again!