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Be Happy And Productive

Written by Ashlee Fennell


Posted on February 03 2021

How to plan a productive week and stick to it!

  1. Color Code your activities and to do’s
  2. “Anchor Times” and schedule around those
  3. Quit multitasking
  4. Set times to check your phone/ social media, emails and text
  5. Label your days: laundry day, play date day, cleaning day, work/clients/ meetings day
  6. Find the right tools: journaling and planners
  7. Scheduling time to just think
  8. Find a rhythm and stick to it

We all have so much on our plate, our schedules can get messy! I am especially busy these days with Zoe, running 2 businesses, trying to take care of my husband and myself. Life is so demanding but you don’t have to stress and miss out on it. It’s time to make our crazy life, the good life!

I listened to two podcast this week to work on a new way of planning my schedule and being more productive. ON top of that, I try to focus on one word a week and this week my word was RYTHYM. Perfect, here we go!

Podcast 1: SHE by Jordan Dooley : Episode 145, “ 5 Easy Ways to Plan a Productive Week”.

Jordan is so realistic with her tips and scheduling. The key is to giving yourself grace, because we aren’t robots and we aren’t always going to fit in all the things, or go by our schedule exact (hello life happens), but we sure as heck can try!

She chats about “anchor times” which is a time you know is going to happen no matter the day, Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner. She then fills in her schedule between these times. Also its great to be realistic about your week, if you know you have some kind of event Tuesday night, plan to make a easy dinner that day.

Labeling Days:

I personally label my days by category instead of blocks. I prefer to do all our laundry in one day, not a load every day. I‘ve tried that and it just doesn’t work for me (oh hey pile of clean clothes that need to be folded). So Mondays, I know I only have to accomplish laundry and be a mom. Tuesday and Thursdays are work days for me to get into the office and focus without baby interruptions. Wednesday’s are a flex day, it’s set to clean or run errands. Friday’s are another flex day, it could be a fun day for me and Zoe, tie up loose ends with work or home chores. I started doing this in January and it has been such a game changer.

Podcast 2: The Skinny Confidential (Him and Her Podcast): Episode 326 “ How To Be Productive in 2021 With An Effective Mindset”.

If you want a little spice in your podcast, give this couple a go! They are hilarious and raw but realistic. #NOFILTER. Lauryn and Michael both work from home and have a new baby girl. They will whip you into shape and let you know what works and what doesn’t.

MULTITASKING DOES NOT WORK, and I could not agree more. I use to be so proud of being a “multitasker” and to be honest its done nothing but wear me out. There’s “passive multitasking” like responding to text/emails during a pedicure. I love the idea of blocking times when you get on social media or respond to emails. We live in a world of instant satisfaction and honestly its just not realistic. So don’t worry girl, quit living your life as an “instant messenger”.

Color Coding Everything I have never been one to color code my planner or digital calendar, but I can’t wait to start! It’s visually appealing and gives you some ease to really see what your day is looking like. Soooo, i‘m going to start organizing my personal, work, mom things etc by colors. Break out the pretty gel pens!

Get OFF Your Phone Well at least the first part of your day. Don’t start your morning by scrolling, yea this is a HARD one for me too. It can set the mood for the rest of your day. Don’t let the negative Nancys on social media set you up for failure.

THINK TIME Yea, I here you laughing. “Ashlee I don’t have time to think”, well girl ya gonna have to make time, haha. Successful people schedule think times. It can be 20 minutes or half a day, schedule think time! That means no phone, no TV, no other distractions. Quit running the rat race, and think about how you can make life easier.

2020 rocked our worlds, but I’m done making that an excuse. Just remember it’s all going to be alright, don’t wait for things to go back to “normal” because that is out of our control, but what is in our control is our schedules and being productive. When you’re productive, you feel accomplished and when you feel accomplished you’re happier!

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